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Airport  Introduction (1)

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  Mszczonów – the best location for the new airport
On Thursday, January 15, Polish Press Agency informed that sites for the new Poland’s central airport had been chosen. The special announcement stated that the areas located near Mszczonow and Modlin had been given highest marks by interministerial group for the new airport location.
It is obvious that the committee’s decision does not prejudge the ultimate location for the airport, however, the sole fact that Mszczonów has been qualified for the final strife should be considered a success. The committee confirmed what had been already said by members of Mszczonów’s council. Mszczonów with its location as well as almost perfect road and railway connections is just a suitable place for this enormous investment. The city’s advantage is also the fat that it lays within so-called duo-polis. i.e. Warsaw-Lodz agglomeration. Another significant fact is that Mszczonów is located at the highest elevation in the Mazovian Lowland, with the lowest level of precipitation and fog in the area. The fact that in the research administered by the Polish government, which was carried out by an independent consulting company at the end of 2003, Mszczonow was pronounced as a model to be followed as far as winning and cooperating with the investors is considered, also adds to its advantages.
The perfect location, good communication and beneficial climatic conditions, as well as professionally acting city council should lead to the success and result in having Okecie II airport located near Mszczonów. However, with huge amounts of money connected with the airport’s construction, one has to take into consideration another powerful aspect, i. e. P O L I T I C S . Will the Mazovia’s Tiger, as Mszczonów is often called, succeed in presenting convincing argumentation to those in power ? The city is doing its best, although not everybody seems to be pleased. However, the citizens of Mszczonów have already proven many times that they are able to act very efficiently when important issues are at stake. Construction of the airport is the biggest development chance for the city in its history. It means many-sided growth, new investments and employment for the inhabitants. The experts estimate that over 25 thousand people will be employed at the airport. These data speak for themselves. Mszczonów airport would constitute a development engine for the whole region. Thus Mszczonów can count on support from neighbouring districts and cities in its efforts.
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